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Specialty Workshops

Concealed Carry Permit Classes

Course Length: 5 Hours                                          Course Cost: $75

Topics covered: Safety, Situational Awareness, Self-Defense Firearm Basic and Personal Protection Plan

Our course meets the safety requirements needed to receive your concealed weapons permit.

  • Active Shooter
  • Crime/Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Security Awareness
  • Gun Safety

DCJS Training

Security Officer Core Subjects (01E)
Course Length: 18 Hours                                           Course Cost: $125

Topics covered: Virginia Law and Regulations, Ethics, Courtroom Procedures, Security Patrol, Access Control, Communications, Report Writing, Emergency Procedures, Confrontation Management.

Security Officer Core Subjects In-Service (01I)
Course Length: 4 Hours                                             Course Cost: $60

Topics covered: Legal Authority and Job-Related Training.


Even with the most comprehensive security management solution in place, you need certain practical skills to protect your company, employees and family on a day-to-day basis. White Hawk Security Int'l Inc. offers training programs to help your team members (or you personally) put these security strategies into practice. Conducted by our team of professional security trainers, each of our training programs is designed with your company’s or family’s specific needs in mind.

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